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We would like to warmly welcome you to the webpage of BALANS Healthy Legs Clinic.

balans dzieli się wiedzą na temat zdrowiaDo you realize that a substantial part of our society is born with healthy feet but only 30% of elderly people do not suffer from foot-related afflictions? The reason for that badly fitted footwear worn by children, improper foot care, our lifestyle and surrounding concrete – hard, unnatural floor on which we must tread.

When we are young we do not pay attention to our feet and their potential abnormalities. Hovewer, in the later years such negligence takes its toll and effectively limits our activeness.

Feet are our foundation, which affects our whole organism. The latest research has shown that foot defects affect our jaws – that is why dentists are increasingly interested in foot diagnostics. Therefore it is worth to check up on our feet and take proper care of them.

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